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We are proud to introduce SeeZR; it’s an efficient platform for independent Streaming and Transcoding Solution.

Key Features included are:

  • Automatic Transcoding
  • Cross Platform Streaming
  • Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

SeeZR is highly customizable and is available on a Highly Scalable Infrastructure –Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Data storage, durability and reliability. It is backed up by Amazon S3 which is designed for 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of objects over a given year.

SeeZR Protects video by streaming over RTMPE and HTTPS encrypted protocols. Also supports authentication tokens and tokenized URL’s. Formats supported are:

Format Support Codec Streaming support Advertising formats Advertising Servers Analytics AWS components used
VP6, FLV HTTP VOD Pre-rolls VAST Google EC2
MP4, H264 HTTP VOD (Adaptive BR) Bumpers VPC
OGC HTTP Live Overlays ELB
WebM HTTP Live (Apple HLS) Mid-Rolls Glacier
RTMP VOD Post-rolls Cloudfront
RTMP VOD (Adaptive BR) Companion HTML ad RDS
RTMPE Companion Flash ad S3


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