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SaaSforce IP Portfolio: xSCM

Xtended Supply Chain Management is an innovative Collaborative end-to-end solution built around the CLOUD for connecting Suppliers, Distributors, Customer Contact Centers and Field Sales Force by providing them the visibility to Customer Orders, Shipment availability, Purchase Orders, Payments, Receivables, etc. Key Modules and features included are as follows

Sales Order Management

  • Convert Opportunities to Quote/Order
  • Generate Sales Orders
  • Automated invoices & shipping details
  • Instant order Fulfillment
  • Consignment Orders
  • Handling of Orders from Channels
  • Price Books & Discounting
  • Search, Inquire & Report
  • Individual Order Status
  • Payment terms

Dispatch & Shipping

  • Billing, Shipping, Mailing function
  • Ship from Stores, warehouse and 3rd party
  • Track shipments
  • Packing Slips on demand
  • Printing of freight, mailing
  • Tracking of vital shipping information

Warehousing Management

  • Locations map by physical type and zone
  • Stock tacking and generate GRN
  • One-step put-away process to Bins
  • Location reservation and redefinition
  • Stock put-away with auto empty space
  • Cycle Count by date/product/bin/location
  • Picking based on Barcode
  • Direct picking to Shipping Carton(s)
  • Picking list processing and printing
  • Tracking of Serial numbers or lots


  • Manage Cost, quality and Delivery time
  • Just-in-time & Consigned Inventory
  • Financial Impact analysis of Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Management
  • Flexible/complex Purchase Order Entry

Inventory Management

  • Handling of various Stock rotation
  • Inventory tracking
  • Low Stock Alert and Processing
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Replenishment requests
  • Automatic stock issue with manual overrides

Integration with Accounting

  • Integration with major Financial Applications such as SaaSu, Xero, Tally


  • Movement of raw materials
  • Manufactured using the raw materials purchased from suppliers
  • The finished products are stored back in the warehouse


  • Reports and Dashboards


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