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RealtyForce is an innovative Collaborative end-to-end Sales and Accounting solution built around the CLOUD for Real Estate Developers and Brokers to manage all aspects associated with complex automation and administration. Key Modules and features included are as follows

Customer and Registration

  • Define a list of Customers (Owners) and
  • Maintain demographics, Profession, Income
  • Define a list of Co-Owners
  • Associate a customer category
  • Confirmation of Customer Booking

Property & Unit Management

  • Manage Residential properties
  • Manage Commercial properties
  • Manage all aspect of Unit; created, destroyed, sold, transferred or vacated

Manage Project & Property

  • Track - Launch, Units, availability, View & track all purchaser activity
  • Manage deposits & broker commissions.
  • Manage Bank transaction
  • Eliminate data entry between systems and
  • Easily communicate status to all purchasers

Extensive Unit Management

  • Unit Number structuring
  • Unit Structure related Sorting Scheme
  • Unit Area - by Measurement and Cost
  • Unit Dues with Payment Plans
  • Define valid area types for each project
  • Define the area-value for each property-unit

Installation & Payment

  • Single and Subsequent Installments
  • Over Prior agreed Installments
  • Defining Standard & Custom Payment Plan
  • Monitor and report Construction Stages
  • Support Collections
  • Auto generate Invoice

Broker and Brokerage

  • Broker Registration
  • Define Broker Plan and Bill

Integration with Back Office

  • Letters being dispatched and received
  • Brokerage and Commission
  • Invoices
  • Taxes (Deducted / Paid)
  • Payments (Received / Paid)


  • Reports and Dashboards


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