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Doctor/Pharmacy Detailing process

Central Repository of Doctors/Pharmacies/Hospital

  • Maintain a Universe of Doctors and Pharmacies
  • Allocate Doctors/Pharmacies to Reps for Detailing
  • Manage Affiliations between Doctors, Pharmacies and Hospitals

Visit Planning

  • Prepare a Permanent Journey Plan for the On Field Reps
  • Approval Process for the Monthly Plan
  • Push SMS’ to Reps according to the Approved Monthly plan about their visits

Visit Execution

  • Reps can Log Visit Execution Details
  • Reschedule Visit based on Availability
  • Escalations to Area Managers if Visits are not done on the date as defined in the plan.

Visit Execution (Capturing Detailing Information)

  • Average Prescriptions/Week issued by Doctor for respective drugs
  • Current Retail Stock Levels at Pharmacist
  • Minutes of Conversation with Doctor
  • Demo’s Done
  • Samples/Promotional Material Left
  • Capture pics of current Promotional Material display

Inventory Management (Samples and Promotional Materials)

  • Allocate Sample and Promotional Material Inventory to Reps
  • Track Current Inventory with Reps

Leave Management

  • Reps can apply for leaves
  • Approval process for Managers to approve them

Expense Management

  • Reps can log expenses for T&A/Food/Misc
  • Build a Master for approved rates for travel
  • Approval process for Managers to approve Re-imbursements

Performance Tracking/KPIs

  • Allocate KPIs to Reps. For eg- Visits/Day, Doctor Coverage/Month
  • Track Performance of Reps based on allocated KPIs

Integration with Backend Systems

  • Integrate with Retail Systems to capture Pharmacy Retail Data

Mobile Interface

  • Enable Reps to access the application through their Mobile Devices


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