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SaaSforce IP Portfolio: Education Resource Planning

Education Resource Planning is an innovative Collaborative end-to-end Skill Development Mgmt. System which covers features ranging from Partner On-Boarding to Center Setup to Student Mobilization to Training Management to Loan to Alumni Tracking to Content Mgmt. to HR, Payroll Mgmt. Key Modules and features included are as follows

Student and Fee Mgmt.

  • Capture student profile and skill matrix
  • Create and manage fee heads and sub
  • Manage receipts, student ledger and
  • Automate Fee payments and follow-ups
  • Generate reports pertaining to daily/weekly/monthly fees collections, student outstanding amount, in installments

Course and Batch Mgmt.

  • Create and manage courses
  • Enroll students in a course
  • Capture Teachers’ feedback
  • Create and Manage assessments
  • Printing of freight, mailing
  • Grading and performance reporting system

Center Set-Up and Administration

  • Manage all aspect of Center –
  • Assets
  • Trainers
  • Students
  • Feedback and
  • Utilization

Student Loan

  • Manage Agencies
  • Track Loan Applications and Payments
  • Track Loan disbursements
  • Supplier Management
  • Score and rate agencies

Strategic Partnership & Alliances

  • Manage Employer Database
  • Track Potential Partners and Partner on-boarding process
  • Manage Feedback from Employers/ Partners
  • Create and maintain a complete database of details of alumni for recruitment

Content Mgmt. and Analytics

  • Central repository for all contents
  • Manage content wise cost
  • Content dissemination
  • Reports and Dashboards


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