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SaaSforce IP Portfolio: Dealer Management Solution

Dealer Management Solution The automotive industry, as we know it today is facing new and pressing challenges. Rapid economic developments are paving the way for significant opportunities to increase sales and reduce costs. One of the biggest challenges a dealership faces is the need to increase vehicle sales. Two significant factors in selling new vehicles is the need for better exchange of information between the Manufacturer, Dealer and Customer and the need to control operational expenses. Hence the requirement for integrating disparate systems to bridge the gaps and collaborate better becomes the call of the hour, in achieving a competitive edge and synergy.

Lead and Pipeline Management

Effectively manage leads and optimize lead flow across sales consultants. Rack prospect inquiries and seamlessly route qualified leads to the right sales reps.

  • Automatically Capture leads from all sources.
  • Helps you maintain a detailed profile of each lead.
  • Qualify Leads on certain set parameters and assign Hot/Warm/Cold Rating to them.
  • Auto assign leads to Sales Consultants on a round robin or any other basis.
  • Track the Lead Life as it moves through the Sales Cycle.
  • Track Sales Pipeline and forecast possible future closures.

Manage Campaign and Marketing planner

Plan to achieve your Targets through a sophisticated Monthly Marketing Planner

  • Manage Marketing Activities.
  • Marketing Planner - Develop and plan your marketing activities in alignment with your sales ets.
  • Leads will auto tagged to the current running Campaigns.
  • Track Campaign ROI - Tagged leads to a campaign makes campaign ROI tracking much easier, faster and accurate.
  • Track Cost per Lead.
  • Track Cost per Qualified Lead.
  • Track Cost per Booking.
  • Track Cost per Retail.
  • Avoid Promotion clashes with the OEM.

Test Drive Management

  • Schedule Test Drives and optimize Test Drive Asset utilization.
  • Real Time update on Test Drive car availability, which assists in quick commitment to Prospects.
  • Capture Test Drive Feedback.
  • Students
  • Track Utilization track of Test Drive Car and optimize its usage.

Proforma Invoice/Quote with EMI calculator

Quick Proforma Invoice/Quote Generation

  • Maintain multiple PriceBooks
  • Configure the Car Model with Accessories, Optional Equipment, Service Plans
  • Charges above the Ex-Showroom price are applied automatically.
  • Quick calculation of EMI plan for prospects while preparing of the Quote.

Booking and Retail Management

Complete the Booking and Retail process once the Quote is finalized

  • Generate Booking/Sales Contract form.
  • Allocate the car from the inventory at the time of booking.
  • Submit bookings for approval to the operations department.
  • Generate Gate Pass when Retail is done.

Car Inventory Management

Managing inventory online has never been so easy. With inventory management you can manage your Car models and Accessories inventory.

  • Sales Consultants can check current and ordered inventory real time and make commitments to prospects.
  • Experience valuable integration with your Financial Accounting system that delivers a new level of dexterity to your backend systems.

Manage Escalations and Reviews

Team Leads and Management make sure that they do a timely review of their teams’ activities and take actions if tasks are getting delayed.

  • Build a Lead Review Process.
  • Pop Up/Email Alerts when deadlines are missed.
  • Make sure that even Team Leads are reviewing their teams’ leads.

Leave and Approval Management

Even if Sales Consultants are on leave.

  • Manage Weekly and Incremental leaves.
  • Build approval processes for applied leaves.
  • Auto reassign follow up tasks if a Sales Consultant is on leave.

Manage Corporate Sales

Efficiently manage and define an entire process for both Corporate/Fleet Sales.

  • Manage Targeted Accounts.
  • Track Account Potential vs. Achieved for each Corporate Account.
  • Track Account wise Opportunity status.

Manage Used Cars

Build a process to automate Used Car Sales.

  • Manage purchase of Used cars and their Valuations
  • Automate the Evaluation Process flow
  • Offer Generation post Valuation
  • Stock Updation once the Agreement is done

Manage Exchange Process

Build a streamlined Car Exchange process

  • Define process flow for Evaluation Consultants
  • Document checklist for evaluation process
  • Build a Check Price master for quick car evaluation
  • Print the Sale and Purchase agreement

Manage After Sales and Service Reminders

Give your customers access to the portal so they are on the same platform as you, thus bridging the gap between customer and dealer. Be on top of after sales service.

  • Turn your buyers into diehard fans of your brand
  • Automated Service Reminders
  • Log a Service Request from the Portal
  • Build Case Escalation processes and Service Level Agreements

Manage Reports and Dashboards

Empower your Team leads, sales consultants with an all-inclusive, real-time analysis of your business enabling them to make smarter business decisions and accurately calculate potential sales

  • Easy to Customize Reports by simply Drag-and-Drop
  • Use Dashboards to help create charts, metrics, tables, graphs and even custom components to showcase the data that is crucial to you.



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